Martine Fuller
t. 07713 186737
Our dog walking service is to support your pet to get the most fun out of their walk. To facilitate this, we can offer a group or solo walk for your dog.
As pet owners, we want our animals to be healthy and as active as possible. Holistic therapies aim is to support our animals with physical and emotional problems. By taking a holistic approach, we look at the whole animal and not focus on one central area. An animal displaying behavioural difficulties could be caused by having an underline physical ailment.
We allow the animal to guide us through the therapy session, and we can do this by watching the animal responses.
Working gently and respectfully helps the animal relax and gain trust this way, the animal will benefit the most from the therapy to aid recovery.
Like us, our animal can suffer from physical ailments such as:
Muscle and joint pain, digestive problems, inflammation, respiratory and skin and coat issues. or emotional conditions such as:
Depression, stress, nervousness, fear, noise and noise sensitivity, or a change in the pet's environment
Runwell Holistic Therapy can help to reduce pain and discomfort and ease symptoms.
I am qualified to work with many animals, including horses, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and guinea pigs.
I also provide Reiki and Indian head massage for humans to help with emotional and physical well-being. Our animals are sensitive to our energy levels and quickly pick up if we are struggling emotionally and physically. Us receiving support can have a positive effect on our animal's well-being.
If you would like any further information, please feel free to call me or send me an email.
Working with animals and people is a privilege. I look forward to working with your special pet and you.
Runwell Holistic Therapy promotes emotional and physical well-being for your pet to support a healthier and improved life quality through complementary therapies.
Home Visits: undertaken following Covid guidelines
We also offer phone and video consultations.
Spaces are now available for our dog walking service.
Your family, our passion!

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