Applied Herbal Choices

Applied Herbal Choices, intuitive herbal medicating. That encourages animals to select their own medicine and control their dosage until recovery reached. To work in a holistic manner acting in various ways to support the body, calming your animal, promoting relaxation, anxiety, stress, fear, inflammation, pain, digestion, allergies, and respiratory and immune systems and maintaining optimum health and well-being. Also known to support an animal who has a fear of fireworks and noise sensitivity.
There are multiple ways your animal may choose to absorb what they need from the herbal products, including ingesting, sniffing, inhaling, or topical.
A consultation working only with the best natural compounds and essential oils provides education and training on methods and advice on the process of using herbs, powders, and oils safely, allowing you to continue caring for your animal's health well-being.
The first Consultancy session includes a comprehensive assessment of your animal's history, health, diet and current problems. Before the session, a flexible plan formulated on information gathered. An entire session usually takes 2 hours, giving your animal the time to work at their own pace to self select a range of organic essential oils, herbs, dried and fresh plants to meet their needs.
At the end of the session, samples of the top herbal products chosen by your animal are provided by us for you to continue offering at home.
A herbal choice session does not prescribe, diagnose, or replace conventional veterinary treatment.
We work in harmony with vets, and please seek your Vet's approval before the session taking place. A simple phone call or email will usually suffice and ensure Runwell Holistic Therapies work within the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.
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