Canine and Equine Massage

Fully qualified Merishia canine and equine massage therapist. Studied animal anatomy and physiology and proficient in carrying out assessments.
We aim to support an older animal and all animals of any age for general physical and emotional maintenance. We offer a Swedish massage incorporating soft tissue, deep tissue and quick-fire release techniques for very restricted tissue to facilitate both superficial and deep tension release while applying gentle and effective mobilisations and stretches. We work with the body language of the animal to guide us.
Massage can aid flexibility, improve movement range, encourage better performance and gait, support stiffness and tightness in joints, and relieve muscle spasms. It May help with animal behaviour by releasing tension and promoting relaxation. It can support stimulating circulation and help with pain relief. Furthermore, help with desensitising a nervous animal who displays anxiety to touch or shyness.
Ed having massage
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